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Case Study

ASD Metal Services

Through partnering with MiX Telematics, ASD Metal Services has managed to stay on top of the competition by improving fleet control, bettering customer service and training drivers to be safer.

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Date: August 2014
Location: United Kingdom
Fleet Size: 107
Industries: Transport & Distribution
Benefits: Efficiency, Safety

“Working with MiX Telematics has enabled ASD Metal Services to maintain its leadership status and stay on top of the competition. It has enabled better customer service and has helped to train drivers to be safer.”

ASD Metal Services is the largest mill independent metal stockholder and distributor in the UK and Ireland, and a key member of the Klöckner & Co. Group.

A few years ago, the organisation became aware of scope for honing fleet efficiency, most notably in the area of vehicle tracking. ASD Metal Services realised that in order to provide the highest levels of customer service, they needed a tool that could provide quick access to information regarding vehicle location and availability.

Following a careful review of the market, they approached MiX Telematics regarding a GPS-based track and trace solution and the accompanying MiX Fleet Manager software. As a result, ASD Metal Services has been able to maintain its leadership status and stay ahead of the competition. The solution has also enabled better customer service and has helped to train drivers to be safer.

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MiX Fleet Manager

MiX Fleet Manager


The solution comprises a sophisticated on-board computer, which collects and transmits valuable data.

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