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Case Study

Carey Worldwide Chauffeur Services

Over a single 12-month period, the proportion of drivers in the ‘green’ rose from 18% to 50% by using the ‘red-amber-green’ RIBAS display scoring system.

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Date: October 2017
Location: United Kingdom
Fleet Size: 150
Industries: Public Transport
Benefits: Efficiency, Safety

"Ever since we started using MiX Telematics’s solutions, we have seen a reduction in the number of accidents since 2015, year-on-year, and an improvement in our incident rate overall.” - Nabeel Sheikh, Deputy Director of Operations and Fleet Manager for Carey Worldwide Chauffeur Services"

Nabeel Sheikh, Carey Worldwide Chauffeur Services

Carey Worldwide Chauffeur Services prides themselves on providing high-quality, safe customer service using luxurious, well-maintained vehicles. To sustain their high standards, they realised that they needed to better manage potential transportation risks.

With the help of MiX Fleet Manager Premium and the RIBAS Display, they have been measuring instances of over-revving, excessive idling, harsh braking, over-speeding and harsh acceleration. To highlight areas that need improvement, a weekly driver scoring report is compiled and drivers are kept up-to-date with the handy MyMiX Driver App. Additionally, a variety of driver-targeted safety and efficiency workshops were specially created by a MiX Telematics fleet management consultant to suit Carey’s unique needs.

Due to these safety- and efficiency-related improvements, among many others, Carey Worldwide Chauffeur Services has seen a reduction in the number of accidents and harsh braking events. The percentage of drivers who now stay in the ‘green zone’ (i.e. have good driving behaviour) has risen from 18% to 50% in a single 12-month period.

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