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Case Study

CBL (Clive Barford Ltd)

CBL, leading provider of construction equipment, utilises MiX Telematics’ solution to achieve their safety objectives.

Date:February 2021
Location: United Kingdom
Fleet Size: 66
Industry: Construction
Benefits: Safety | Compliance

MiX Telematics is providing a premium offering that is value for money and provides tangible results.

Mark Hodge, Operations Director

CBL (Clive Barford Ltd) provides compact construction equipment to companies across England. Through a long-standing partnership with MiX Telematics, they’ve achieved vital compliance goals and have now shifted their focus towards reducing speeding incidents within their mixed fleet of vehicles to improve overall safety and save lives.

CBL (Clive Barford Ltd) is a truly local firm that provides quality construction equipment to their customers. This company has worked with MiX Telematics for years with the installation of a device that tracks their fleet’s vehicle and driver hours so they can meet their legal requirements. Now they’re using MiX Fleet Manager to monitor speeding events within their fleet in an effort to increase safety which, in turn, reduces the risk of accidents and associated costs.

CBL has utilised the telematics data and reporting provided to them through MiX Telematics’ solution to coach their drivers on safe driving behaviour and dramatically decreased the number of speeding violations within only 2 months.

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MiX Fleet Manager

MiX Fleet Manager


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