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Case Study


Waste removal and management company SAV reduces their environmental impact and decreases fuel expenditure with the help of MiX Telematics solutions.

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Date: May 2019
Location: Spain
Fleet Size: 483
Industries: Transport & Distribution
Benefits: Efficiency

"An efficient and fluid driving style saves fuel and is eco-friendly, which is very important for our sector."

Jeronimo Franco, Head of R&D and European Projects, SAV

Spain-based company SAV has been specialising in waste removal and management for more than a century. They approached Chip2Chip, a MiX Telematics channel partner, to help them become a leader in providing environmentally-friendly services within their community and to their customers.

SAV chose MiX Telematics, via Chip2Chip, as their fleet management provider because of the company’s global footprint, strong infrastructure, value for money solutions and local, face-to-face support. 

MiX Fleet Manager and the RIBAS add-on was installed in 145 of SAV’s trucks and street sweepers to monitor driving behaviours like speeding, excessive idling and revving, and more. When drivers practise these behaviours, they expend fuel unnecessarily which, in turn, has a negative impact on the environment because of carbon dioxide emissions and increase fleet costs. SAV then utilised this behavioural data to implement appropriate driver training to encourage improvement and awareness. 

As a result of implementing these solutions and appropriately using the data at hand, SAV managed to reduce their fuel expenditure by 12%, decreased the carbon dioxide emissions in their lateral loading systems by 400 tonnes and won an award for their outstanding contribution towards creating a more sustainable environment. 

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Using an unobtrusive system of symbols with red/amber/green (RAG) status lights, accompanied by audible warning tones, drivers are given feedback on their driving style.

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Case Study
Each solution has a unique set of features that address different aspects of driver behaviour improvement.

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