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Case Study

Total Marketing and Services

Total Marketing and Services have seen a 17.54% reduction in severe braking and harsh acceleration events, and an 88.89% reduction in over-speeding since implementing MiX Telematics’s solution

Date: June 2017
Location: Middle East and Africa
Fleet Size: 4500
Industry: Oil and Gas
Benefits:Efficiency | Safety

Results have included a 17.54% reduction in harsh braking and acceleration events, a 10% reduction in continuous driving events, an 88.89% reduction in over-speeding events and a 7.44% reduction in total kilometres driven

Total Marketing and Services

Fonterra Milk Collection is a New Zealand dairy co-operative, which collects and shares around 22 billion liters of milk each year.

To them, the safe operation of heavy motor vehicles on public roads and farm tracks is of utmost importance. They were therefore looking for a system to improve both driver and public safety, enhance milk collection and truck performance, and manage in excess of 1,500 drivers. They also wanted to be proactive in reliability management.

In partnership with New Zealand channel partner, Vehicle Technologies, Fonterra installed a MiX Telematics fleet management solution. Among the results, Fonterra soon noticed a significant reduction in high-speed incidents and rollovers, and found that their drivers were gaining public recognition as being safe and courteous drivers.

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MiX Fleet Manager

MiX Fleet Manager


The solution comprises a sophisticated on-board computer, which collects and transmits valuable data.

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Case Study
Each solution has a unique set of features that address different aspects of driver behaviour improvement.

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