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Case Study

Transmec Group

Transmec Group’s customer satisfaction, utilisation and efficiency have all improved considerably since implementing the MiX Wired Asset Tracker solution.

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Date: May 2019
Location: Italy
Fleet Size: 980
Industries: Transport & Distribution
Benefits: Security, Safety

“Since we are a company with a wide range of assets, including trucks, semi-trailers and even trains, there is a high rotation of equipment. The constant tracking of semi-trailers allows us to have our fleet, loaded goods and sub-carriers under control. It gives us great help in the daily planning and identification of the right equipment.”
Paolo Montecchi, Transportation Manager – Land Division, Transmec Group

Transmec Group is a transport and logistics company based in Italy with 41 offices worldwide, providing road transport, intermodal, exceptional loads, air and sea shipping to a wide variety of industries. The company implemented the MiX Wired Asset Tracker solution to improve fleet visibility and control, and increase the security of their trailers and goods.
Transmec Group wanted a solution that had a great track and trace ability, detailed trip reporting, power autonomy and could be used in harsh environments. That’s why they chose the MiX Wired Asset Tracker solution.

MiX Wired Asset Tracker is a GSM/GPRS device that includes an accelerometer and GPS technology. It connects directly to the power of Transmec Group’s trailers to give real-time information about their whereabouts and activities. Trip reports are included with the solution and these reports display kilometres travelled, current location, dates and times of trips and much more. Extensive training was given to dispatchers on the purpose of the solution and how it works. This helped ensure transparency of the process (which promotes buy-in) and equipped dispatchers with the skills to properly utilise the trip reports that the MiX Wired Asset Tracker solution generates.

Transmec Group saw results within 6 to 12 months of implementation. Customer satisfaction rose by 50%, utilisation increased by 20% and efficiency improved by 40%. They even saw a cost saving of €2 per day.

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Case Study
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