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Case Study

Transportes Della Volpe

Transportes Della Volpe, Brazilian-based road freight transport company, takes control of their working hours and reduces their fuel consumption with MiX Telematics’ solutions.

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Date: June 2016
Location: Brazil
Fleet Size: 400
Industries: Transport & Distribution
Benefits: Efficiency

“Our expectation was to improve fleet management, maximise the information obtained and make our work more efficient… The MiX Hours of Service solution enables constant evaluations of our drivers so that they can improve and contribute positively to the fleet.”

Ezequiel Oliveira, Project Manager

Transportes Della Volpe’s saw that their working hours were not being accurately captured, which led to overtime-related labour liabilities reaching an all-time high. In addition, they wanted to create more safety awareness amongst their drivers and reduce their fuel usage to save costs.

With the help of MiX Hours of Service, Transportes Della Volpe could move away from traditional paper logbooks, a method that has great potential for error and manipulation, to electronic working hours logging. Using a key, drivers can be identified and all trip hours can be accurately monitored from start to finish, without the need for manual input. The app that comes with MiX Fleet Manager has been a big time-saver for Transportes Della Volpe as drivers can now manage their hours online, whether they have a signal or not.

Almost immediately after implementing the MiX Hours of Service solution, Transportes Della Volpes saw the costs of their labour liabilities drop from R$ 180,000 per month on average to R$ 60,000. They also saw their fuel consumption drop by 20% after implementing measures to encourage more cautious driving.

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The solution comprises a sophisticated on-board computer, which collects and transmits valuable data.

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