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Construction Industry

MiX Telematics offers systems that enable the monitoring of construction vehicles and their drivers in real-time.

In construction, there is always a demand for quicker project completion, greater fleet efficiency and more protection. This, coupled with the added burden of maintaining expensive equipment, makes it crucial to pursue smart solutions in order to remain profitable.

MiX Telematics offers solutions that enable the monitoring of construction vehicles and their drivers in real-time. This provides several benefits:
  • Reduced fuel consumption, thanks to the ability to monitor and correct driver behaviour as well as the behaviour of those operating machinery.
  • Enhanced machine utilisation, by being able to compare actual usage with expected usage.
  • Increased productivity, thanks to on-board technology that enables the tracking of assets.
  • Improved safety compliance, through Hours of Service functionality among other valuable features.
  • Better security, through GPS asset tracking to prevent theft and misuse.
  • Improved maintenance, with electronic service and licensing schedules.
  • Geo-fencing creation that limits vehicles and machinery to certain pre-defined areas within certain time periods.

A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

Case Study

Decreases fuel expenditure with a MiX Telematics solution

Case Study

Waste removal and management company SAV reduces their environmental impact and decreases fuel expenditure with the help of MiX Telematics solutions.

"An efficient and fluid driving style saves fuel and is eco-friendly, which is very important for our sector."


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