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Telematics solutions for the

Transport & Logistics Industry

Keep moving with telematics software that improves efficiency while helping you save on operations costs.
Transport & Logistics

Optimise your fuel spend while also improving fleet safety

Joining together all components of the supply chain

Efficiently moving goods to customers requires careful coordination. Things like delivery speed, service quality, operation costs, driver safety, fuel reduction, and cargo safety are all equally important but difficult to juggle all at once.

Easily achieve this synchronicity through automating the fleet management process using MiX Telematics’ solutions.


Tools that help you save on operation costs and improve fleet safety

We make your fleet safer

Gain easy access to vehicle and driver data for in-depth analysis.
Alert drivers using real-time, in-cab notifications when they engage in risky driving behaviour.
Reduce insurance costs, protect valuable cargo and prevent driver fatigue using AI-powered camera technology.
Stay compliant with Hours of Service with electronic logging and automation.
Engage more meaningfully with drivers through intelligent driver scoring and coaching tools.

MiX Telematics’ solutions have helped customers achieve tangible results.

improvement in fuel consumption

Up to70%
incident reduction(dependent upon customer commitment)

vehicle wear and tear reduction due to improved driving style (in turn reduces maintenance costs and vehicle downtime)

Case Study:

Transport and Logistics

Is driver fatigue and distraction a problem across your fleet?

Case Study

In an effort to make their fleet safer and more efficient, Wincanton implements solutions from MiX Telematics to improve driver behaviour and reduce insurance costs.
“Safety is Wincanton’s number 1 priority. MiX understands our objective to improve our drivers’ behaviour by providing them with the motivation to change. MiX has a number of tools to help with behavioural change and we’ve already seen significant efficiency savings.”
Carl Hanson, Group Fleet Director, Wincanton

Targeted solutions for every part of the supply chain

Years of experience and partnership with numerous Transport and Logistics companies have made it possible for us to offer benefits in key areas of day-to-day business using an all-in-one fleet management solution alongside value-added services:

  • Prevention of accidents
  • Savings in fuel costs
  • Reduction in insurance premiums
  • Improvement in driver performance
  • Reduction in vehicle downtime
  • Reduction of vehicle wear and tear
  • Reduction in idling time
  • Compliance with Hours of Services regulations

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All our departments comprise of highly skilled staff that are passionate about customer service and technically familiar with every one of the MiX Telematics products. This includes the entire range of software and service offerings as well as all the hardware devices that MiX Telematics designs and manufactures.

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