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Telematics solutions for the

Transport & Logistics Industry

MiX Telematics designs and develops reliable solutions that ensure positive results for your business.
Transport & Logistics

Customers in the Transport and Logistics industries rely on MiX Telematics to optimise fuel economy, safeguard their vehicles and drivers, and improve customer service.

We supply a wide range of software and hardware that can assist you with key business components such as:

  • Accident prevention
  • Fuel cost savings
  • Improved driver performance
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Proactive customer service
  • Optimised communication between driver and operator
  • Keeping you up-to-date with essential regulatory paperwork
  • Complying with government legislation

A fully-implemented and supported MiX Telematics solution is guaranteed to improve driver safety and reduce accident rates while also lowering risk, liability and cost.

Case Study: Transport and Logistics

Is driver fatigue and distraction a problem across your fleet?

Case Study

In an effort to make their fleet safer and more efficient, Wincanton implements solutions from MiX Telematics to improve driver behaviour and reduce insurance costs.
“Safety is Wincanton’s number 1 priority. MiX understands our objective to improve our drivers’ behaviour by providing them with the motivation to change. MiX has a number of tools to help with behavioural change and we’ve already seen significant efficiency savings.”
Carl Hanson, Group Fleet Director, Wincanton

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